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What to consider when shopping for wood floors

Hardwood flooring is a great choice! It adds warmth and charm to a home, is classic, adds value to your property, and lasts for years. There’s more to consider than just choosing species and color, such as whether you have extra durability needs or maintenance issues. This is what we, at Axsom's Floor Covering tell our customers to think about and, as always, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have additional questions.

Pre-finished or finished on-site wood floors

The advantage of pre-finished is that you always know what you’re getting well ahead of time, so you’ll have samples in hand to coordinate other furnishings. It’s also faster and a little more durable since they use aluminum oxide, a solid substance. On the other hand, some people prefer on-site finishing as there are more colors from which to choose, and it’s easier to control shine and sheen.

Do you know your sub and surface floors?

It would help if you let the installation service know, preferably before they arrive, whether your subfloor is concrete. Solid, especially, will require special precautions as it can be damaged by moisture and concrete is damp. Engineered can be installed over almost anything, including concrete.

Think also of the room in which it’s to be installed. Is it sunny or dark, big or small? What will it be used for, and is it busy with kids and pets? That answer may determine the type of finish that’s recommended. Measure doors for any height issues; solid is typically ¾-inch think and engineered ranges from ⅜-inch to ½-inch.

What hardwood species is best for your Bedford area home?

Don’t just think about color but also whether you like an abundance of knots, grains, and swirls or prefer something more subtle. Do you want domestic species, which tend to be warmer and more traditional, or exotics, which are darker and more dramatic? There’s a wide choice for both solid and engineered, but the most popular ones are hickory, maple, oak (either white or red), cherry, and walnut.

Hardwood flooring installation considerations

This affects both time and budget. Solid hardwood is tongue and groove and nail-down, with multiple coats of stain must be thoroughly dry between each application. Subfloor restoration and special precautions might be needed. Engineered wood flooring is faster, less complicated, and can be a floating floor that clicks, mat, and hover, also resulting in less expense.

You’ll get the best service from a flooring company that’s a one-stop source. Our inventory is large and our hardwood flooring installations are the highest quality. The Axsom's Floor Covering showroom is in Bedford, Indiana, convenient to Bedford, IN, Oolitic, IN, Mitchell, IN, Shawswick, IN, Bloomington, IN, Springville, IN, Heltonville, IN, Fayetteville, IN, && Orleans, IN. Visit the showroom in Bedford, Indiana. Come in for information and one of our free quotes.