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Your guide to buying tile flooring

When you walk into our tile store in Bedford, IN, you will be amazed because you'll see an almost unlimited number of colors, styles, and designs. Even subway tiles, the formerly all-white 3 X 6 rectangles we’d often see on backsplashes, now come in various colors, shapes, and sizes. All can be used on floors, walls, tub and shower surround, and backsplashes, but keep in mind different grades and durability levels.

Uses for tile in your home

We recommend that you talk, in detail, with your tile retailer to explain precisely how you plan to use the ceramics. The box is marked with grades one to three. Grade one is for walls only; they are thinner and not meant to withstand the weight of walking. Grades two and three are for tile flooring in moderate to heavily food trafficked rooms. There will also be notations on durability, grip, and waterproofing, so be sure to ask if there’s anything you don’t understand.

Types of tile flooring

Anything is considered a ceramic if made of clay, even if that composition also includes sand and glass. That makes porcelain a ceramic because it has glass and sand in its composition, resulting in a heavier, more dense, durable, and stain-resistant tile. It is especially appropriate for busy rooms, such as the kitchen and, because it's made of totally nonporous clay, it is entirely waterproof and frost-resistant.

Porcelain is a large format, sometimes as big as 25 X 25, and can be made to look like anything, from stone to wood, fabric, and tile. It comes in various colors and patterns and can be either glazed or unglazed through-body, meaning that chips will never show. Porcelain is easy to clean and can last for years.

There is also the 4 X 4 ceramic square, which is highly designed and comes glazed or unglazed. The glazing makes it waterproof and gives it a hard outer coating that makes it impossible to break. Other types of ceramics include the often glass-coated mosaics, as well as terracotta bricks and subway tiles.

Your Bedford, IN tile store

Come into the Axsom's Floor Covering showroom in Bedford, Indiana and let our experts help you find the right tile, whether for flooring or walls. We service Bedford, IN, Oolitic, IN, Mitchell, IN, Shawswick, IN, Bloomington, IN, Springville, IN, Heltonville, IN, Fayetteville, IN, && Orleans, IN. Be sure to get your free tile flooring quote.